Hospice Managed Care
We value the attention and care that Hospice provides.

Hospice Managed Care

At Phoenix, our approach is simple. We offer better savings, more options, better tools and the best customer service in the business. We start with the basic premise that informed decisions lead to better outcomes. When dealing with end of life care, options are especially important.

At Phoenix, we value the attention and care that Hospice provides. We consider it our job to be a resource for you, so that you can focus on the people who need you most. Our managed care plans are administered by individuals who are experienced with Hospice care and who understand its values and practices. When you choose Phoenix you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our customer service is sincere and that we'll do our best to answer your questions or concerns as quickly as possible. You also benefit from knowing that our fee structure is designed to save you money.

At Phoenix, we consider it our business to support you. We offer BETTER SAVINGS, MORE OPTIONS, BETTER TOOLS and the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the business.

Better Savings

At Phoenix, we believe that we can pass on more savings to the consumers and still be successful. With a simple and static transaction-based fee structure, the Phoenix system, a system that focuses on saving you money, is simply one you can trust. Our goal is to provide you with a program that is simple to understand and still provides great benefits to you, your clients, and/or your company or association.

More Options

One of the first things we do with any client is to audit their existing plan. What do they need? What are they currently paying? What are they getting in return? Most of the time, we find that we can build a customized plan that offers more service at a better value.

Better Resources

Information is the cornerstone of our business. It's our goal to not only provide the information you need but to do so in a way that you need it. Our cutting-edge dashboard technology, better known as Informed EdgeSM lets you review accounts, make comparisons and access data in detail or across a broad range. We breakdown the information in ways that are useful to you, relaying statistics such as monthly user demographics and claims reports as well as brand name and generic utilization reports. This empowers you to be more proactive with sales and provide better customer service to your clients.

Genuine Customer Service

Every day, our clients tell us the same thing, "Thank you." Our goal is to help and support you, and we do that really well. Exceptional customer service is just part of our culture. Part of that culture is maintaining a direct connection with consultants. When you partner with Phoenix, you benefit from having a direct relationship with us. We pick up the phone. We answer your questions. We succeed together.